About Our School
We offer the following learning opportunity for 2 to 3.5 years kids.
We follow CBSE and Montessori methods of teaching. Our syllabus is designed keeping in mind what the early childhood phase requires.

CBSE Methodology
While following the CBSE method, conceptual learning is adapted. The child is introduced to various concepts of numbers, counting numbers, alphabets, names of fruits and vegetable, colours, shapes, animals, parts of body, nature, birds, oral recitation of rhymes, picture reading etc.

Montessori Methodology
In Montessori methodology the child experiences the excitement of learning by her own choice rather than by being forced. This helps them to perfect all their natural tools of learning so that their ability will be at a maximum in future learning situation.

This method helps children to develop
  • Motor skills [pen hold grip, hand muscles- in turns helps in improving writing skills.]
  • Concentration [helps focus and observation]
  • Discipline
  • Eye-hand co-ordination
  • Creativity
Salient features of twinkle stars play school.
  • Nominal fee
  • Homely and air conditioned class rooms.
  • Teacher to students ratio is 1:8
  • Free books and uniform.
  • Both styles of teaching. Indian [ CBSE] and International [ Montessori]
  • Extracurricular activities [to develop the outgoing skills and inter-personality skills.]
  • Physical fitness [ Aerobics and Yoga ]
  • Developing vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Outdoor activity.[Nature walk-exploring nature]
  • Term wise assessment.
  • LKG interview practice sessions.
  • Summer camps and much more.