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3 Ways to Spot Fake Nikes Avoid sellers that substitute stock shoe photos for pictures of actual Nike shoes . Avoid items that claim to be "custom," "variant" or "sample" size 9, 10, 11, women's 7 and children's 3.5. Older Nike shoes that are out of production are almost never available in a full sizing run. If you're searching for a pair of vintage Nikes and find a site that

stocks 200 of them, they are likely fakes. Check the shipping estimation. If it will take between 7 and 14 days to deliver your shoes, they are likely traveling from China (a verified source of fake Nike shoes) or another distant country. If you must order Nikes online , it's best to purchase them directly from the company's website. Examine the condition of the shoes. If you have owned similar Nike shoes in the past, compare them

to your new shoes. If the two pairs significantly differ in quality, your new

are likely fake and may fall apart within the first several days of use. Real Nikes are always softer and grayer than fake ones. This is because they are made from real leather , while fake Nikes are manufactured from pleather. The midsoles of fake Nike shoes tend to have visible dots from the manufacturing process, unlike real Nikes. Check the lacing. Real Nike shoes are usually fully laced, while fakes tend to skip every other lacing hole. Meet Adelaide, a wikiHowian who has been a community member for over two years and has written 173 articles. She enjoys being a Welcomer and New Article Booster, and she helps a lot of people through the Help Team. She also enjoys copyediting articles and has boosted over 6 ,300 articles. When it comes to the wikiHow community, Adelaide loves the collaborative spirit and says it's nice to see so many like-minded editors sharing advice and helping the content grow . To new contributors, she advises, "Edit fearlessly and boldly, and don't be afraid to ask questions!"It has so many advantages to ride Airwheel . From the level of society, that’s low-carbon and zero-emission. At the same time, it helps relieve traffic pressure. On a personal level, it helps one lose weight, keep fit and reduce the commuting time.

10 Surprising Bankrupt Athletes With a name like Swoopes - a perfect combination of "swish" and "hoops" - this women's basketball phenom was destined to be a legend. Sheryl Swoopes dominated on the court from day one regularly scoring over 50 points in her college career,and winning four WNBA championship titles, including three MVP crowns. Dubbed the "female Michael Jordan," Swoopes became the first female athlete to have a shoe named after her: the Nike Air Swoopes [source: Conway]. WNBA money isn't NBA segway electric scooter money, but Swoopes earned $90,000 a season and supplemented her income with stints in international leagues and with endorsements from Nike and other brands.