Why Us
Twinkle stars gives your child...
Communication skills. - good communication is an important skill . At twinkle stars we adapt techniques to improve on effective communication and establish positive child relationship, as we believe that good communication is the key to building self esteem as well as mutual respect.

Colouring and clay modelling.
Colouring pages and clay modelling for kids is one of the most creative and fun activities,which slowly and gradually build interest and develop their talent and skills in significant ways.

Rhymes and story telling [puppetry ].
Twinkle stars also involves child by reading stories for kids,playing rhymes for kids etc. Rhymes and stories will be enacted through puppet shows. Painting- twinkle stars helps children to refine their fine motor skills-finger and hand movements through finger painting.

Dance and yoga.
Tiny tots will dance to the music played. Few dance movements will be taught. Meditation . OHM MANTRA will be chanted by the tiny tots. This encourages calm and relaxed mind. Thank you for visiting twinkle stars.